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5 Reasons To Hire A Tourist Guide For Your Next Uganda Tour

A tourist guide or simply tour guide is a professional hired to offer assistance and information about an attraction or place on an organized sightseeing tour. Tourist guides are trained to make sure a visitor gets a comfortable, safe & informative trip to a park, museum, city, religious, cultural or historic site. The majority of tourists traveling to Uganda prefer self drive road trips over guided tours mainly because of the cheapness, privacy and flexibility driving this option offers. But just as cheap & private as it gets, the more unsafe and uncomfortable it will be. Some travelers go-ahead to put their trust in a Uganda tourist guide book online or printed but unless it’s the latest edition, do stick to it.

If you want a stress-free tour, then we highly recommend you hire a tour guide in Uganda based on these 5 reasons offered by savvy guides and travel experts at Mumwe Safaris.

1- Best Planner – You don’t have to worry about making reservations or booking activities as most of the preparations will be handed over to your personal tour guide. This offers you the freedom to enjoy your road trip with friends or family the best way possible without any worry of missing out on accommodation or failing to get into a park or attraction and that’s all thanks to the tourist guide.

2– Accurate Up-to-date Information – No matter how much information you have read about a destination or attraction through Google , Facebook or any other online site, you can’t get information as accurate and up-to-date as that from a local tour guide who has been in the country for years. Learn about the deep history and current events about a national park, wild animal, culture, landscape, forest or water body from an experienced person. You also get chance to learn about less popular spots you might not find on the internet.

3- Time & Money saver – Among the most important uses of a tourist guide is the ability to help you minimize your expenditure through making decisions about the most affordable places to stay, best routes to take to save fuel & time making him/ hre like a human GPS device. A travler will also need not worry about fraudsters along the trip since the local guide knows the standard prices of Uganda products or services you may require.

4- Security – Feeling safe in a foreign country is always cruicial part of a successful road trip, i mean how will you enjoy the country if you staring over your back all the time like a refugee. Tourist guides have been trained to make sure nothing happens to your body or health during the road, they are your personal bodyguards ready to shield you from robbers, fraudsters, wildlife or any other thing that may cause harm to you.

5- Relaxing – You are visiting Uganda to relax and have some quality adventure time with friends or family and so you don’t have to get invloved in any chore and that includes driving. Your personal tour guide will do the driving giving you chance to chat & interact with your loved ones. You also dont need to lift a finger and wash a car , change a tyre, fix a mechanical problem or load the cargo as the Uganda guide will do this for you.

Are you planning to visit Uganda for a park safari or city tour and still havent decided whether to drive yourself or hire a proffessional tour guide for the road trip, the above 5 reasons should help you make up your mind. A hired tourist guide in Uganda will cost around US$ 20 to 80 per day plus you dont have to worry about where they will sleep or eat during the trip as the compnay has this covered.

To book a guided Uganda tour adventure this season, simply send us an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations personnel.


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