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Queen Elizabeth park lions

All You Need To Know About Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Uganda. It is the second largest national park in Uganda after Murchison falls national park. Formally the park was once called Kazinga national park but later it was named Queen Elizabeth national park to commemorate the visit of the Queen of England to Uganda. The park is rich with a diverse ecosystem, which includes fertile wetlands, savanna, woodland, lakes, rivers, forests that make home for up to 95 mammal species, up to 500 bird species and over 10 primate species. The park is also blessed with large population of buffalos, elephants, antelopes, lions, leopards, chimps, crocodiles, not forgetting the southern sector of Isasha famous for it’s tree-climbing lions. The park occupies a total space of 1978 sq km with fascinating landscapes which include, Kyambura gorge, crater lakes, Kazinga channel.

Location of queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is situated in the western part of Uganda, spanning the districts of Rukungiri, Ribirizi Kamwenge and Kasese district. It takes about 6 to 7 hours to get to queen Elizabeth national park. Someone can access the park by road through via Masaka- Mbarara high way from Kampala and mityana-mubende route.

Not only that the park can be accessed by road, but you can fly straight to Mweya safari air strip that’s within the park or fly to Kasese airfield and then connect to the park which is an hour to reach the Queen Elizabeth national park.

Activities done while in queen Elizabeth national park

Game drives.

Queen Elizabeth national park is commonly known for its interesting varieties of game viewing mostly in Kasenyi plains, and north part of it. Both of the plains reward many attractions which include, elephants, buffalos, antelopes, giraffes, warthogs, leopards which are spotted hanging in these hug cactus trees. Visit the famous Ishasha sector for a search of tree climbing lions. Enjoy the clear view of these so-called King of the Jungle while resting and sporting their preys that makes them unique compared to other lions in any national park in Uganda. You can hire a car for self drive safari in Queen Elizabeth national park and go enjoy the game drives in the comfort of a safari car. We at Uganda Car Rental Services

Boat ride.

Take a ride of 2 hours on a mazing Kazinga channel that connects the two lakes thus Edward and George. The cruise takes you closely to hug population of hippos and crocodiles along the shores of kazinga. Spot varieties of bird species like king fisher, African fish eagle, African spoonbill and many others. Your blessed also to see other wildlife like elephants, buffalos coming closer to the shores for water and leopards which are seen on rare occasion.

Chimps tracking.

Are you thinking of chimps tracking in Queen Elizabeth national park, Kyambura gorge is your answer? It is a beautiful forested area that harbors a number of habituated families that can be tracked here. The place also has the river that is flowing on the bottom. While in the forest, you have a chance to see other varieties of bird species, beautiful butterflies, primates like blue and white colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, baboons mentioned by a few and other wildlife.

Bird watching.

Queen Elizabeth national park is also famous for bird watching among the Uganda’s national park hence it is the bird’s destiny for bird lovers. The park has over 600 bird species which include weaver birds, sun birds, billed heron, sacred ibis, black-bae eater a monger other. When you planning for your safari specially bird lovers, Mweya, Kyambura, Kasenyi and crater areas have gat your back.

Nature walk.

You can do your natural walk especially guided walk which is done in several areas in queen Elizabeth national park. Enjoy the activity in mweya peninsular which is the most popular place for nature walk. Mweya peninsular is blessed with the clear view of lake George and Edward as your viewing some of bird species and other wildlife while at the place.

Lion tracking.

Queen Elizabeth national park is the only place where lion tracking is done in all Uganda national parks. Get a chance to track these king of the jungles as you get closer to them for good observation. The only purpose for introducing this, was for conservation purpose to collect some fee to carry out sensation. These lions are mainly found in Kasenyi place.

Bat caves visit.

Have a visit to Maramagombo forest in southern part of the park a home of the bat caves. You will have a stand apart and view these bats and sometimes you will be seeing pythons that come close to have a prey.

Top Safari lodges in queen Elizabeth national park.

Mweya safari lodge, Marafiki lodge, Ishasha wilderness, Kingfisher safari lodge, Elephant plain lodge, Park view safari lodge, Simba safari lodge, Enganzi lodge, Engiri lodge.

Planning a safari to Queen Elizabeth national park this season , the above article should give you a nice insight of what’s in store for you. We can craft an itinerary based on what you what to see and do to give you that personalized experience in one of Uganda’s top national parks. To inquire or book a safari today, you can get in touch with us by sending an email to info@ugandacarentalservices.com or simply call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.

By Mandera T – Mumwe Global Safaris

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