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Important Uganda Self Drive Tips For A Safe Road Trip

Uganda– the Pearl of Africa is a glorious country endowed with numerous natural attractions that bring people from far and near. Various people love coming to Uganda for business trips, tours, relaxation and enjoy a self-drive in awe of a very beautiful country. It is crucial to keep in mind that if you are going to have a comfortable and safe self-drive throughout, you should know the tips that will give you that exact pleasant road trip of your dreams without any interruptions.

Below in this article, we present you the most important Uganda self drive tips that will help you stay safe on your a road trip;

Make sure you have a driving permit

Travelers in need of a self-drive tour in Uganda should be having a valid international driver’s permit or a document, in Uganda, its against the law to drive without a driving license and one faces the consequences once caught without it.

Maintain the left-hand side while driving in Uganda

It’s also important to know that all cars in Uganda should be driven on the left-hand side according to the Uganda traffic rules otherwise you may cause an accident if you decide to use the right-hand side.

Always respect and follow the traffic signs

As you get to different roads, you will spot the various traffic signs and they should all be followed as they say. Common traffic signs in Uganda include; stop, no parking, zebra crossing, traffic signs and so much more that must be followed. Failure to do so, it is an offense and you face a difficult penalty for not observing traffic rules.

Make choice of the right car for your road trip

This is so important especially considering the kind of trip you are going to have. Some cars are not appropriate for your trip especially in rugged terrain like saloon cars which are just good for city tours. Going to parks requires you to have a 4×4 safari vehicle with an open roof for sightseeing. Hiring the right car will work out for you to enjoy your road trip without any inconveniences.

Hire a car from a reputable company

Due to many companies in Uganda, the competition is really stiff so you need to read their reviews and find out if their services are trustworthy so that you get the best self-drive services as you explore fascinating destinations here in the Pearl of Africa.

Consider the fuel type of car

Do not forget to inquire from your service provider about the kind of fuel the car you are booking uses and feel free to open up to your tour operator what you would prefer after the appropriate advice. Cars that use diesel are a bit cheaper than those that use petrol thus carefully take note of this to run away from unplanned expenses. Importantly, it’s better to hire a car which uses petrol to be more confident and comfortable on road.

Don’t drive under the influence Alcohol

It is not advisable to drive under the influence of alcohol on self drive trip in Uganda or any other country for that matter. This can be so dangerous because it puts your life at risk, your car and other road users’ lives in danger. This is a great offense and if caught by the police, you are put under custody and your car impounded.

If you frequently follow the above tips, you are going to enjoy an exceptional Uganda self drive trip, To book a car for self drive , simply get in touch with us by sending an email on info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call directly on +256700135510 , +256414699459.

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