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Safety Tips For Driving In Uganda Parks During COVID

Uganda – famously termed as the “Pearl of Africa” is a great and safe safari destination where you will enjoy a self-drive safari as you explore her culture, nature, stunning wildlife, eye-catching landscapes plus many natural wonders. It is paramount to note that apparently, Uganda’s borders and national parks are open to all travelers including those who would love to experience a great sense of excitement and adventure on their own, in this article, we are more than delighted to present you astounding safety tips when you self drive Uganda national park this season;

Wear and keep your face mask on

We advise travelers to always wear their face masks throughout the end of the trip, keeping your mask on reduces the risks of spreading the coronavirus. On the other hand, in case you are planning to join a group tour, we argue you to wear your mask because you may not be aware of everyone’s status in the car.

Book yourself a ranger guide

For a rewarding and safe adventure, while on a game drive in the park, we advise you to hire a ranger guide that takes you through the park, ranger guides have knowledge about the park and the best spots to sight amazing wildlife like predators and some of the big five animals. And in case of any danger from the wild animals, the ranger-guided are equipped with techniques of how to calm down the situation and save your life.

Maintain a safe distance from wildlife

It is critical to maintaining a distance from these animals since you keep in the car but during activities like gorilla and chimp trekking, you will have to walk on foot to draw near. Keeping distance from these animals helps them to stay safe from contagious diseases especially in this season of covid 19.

Respect curfew times

Due to the pandemic, the government of Uganda put in place the time when every vehicle is supposed to stop moving and the Curfew time is 7:00 pm. So we advise our travelers to always do everything they are supposed to do in time so that they go back to their booked lodges before its curfew time.

While on a game drive adventure in the park, we advise you to stay in the safari vehicle

It is paramount to obey the park rules and regulations, we argue you not to get out of the vehicle since some wildlife are carnivores therefore in case you try to get close to them, they can be dangerous. We also advise you to keep the safari windows closed whenever exploring the park.

Manage your driving speed in the park

When you choose to enjoy a game drive in the park on self drive trip, we argue to respect the driving speed limit allowed by the Uganda wildlife authority, the speed allowed is 40km per hour thus this should be put in consideration for the safety of both the animals and your life. Regardless of whether you are seeing the wildlife or not you are required to obey this speed even during this Covid situation.

Carry your travel documents close

Don’t forget to keep copies of your travel documents like passports, identification cards, travel tickets among others, you can leave the originals at the hotel in case it is safe at the hotel and if it is not, then it is okay to move with all your document. The passport details are asked by the park officials and if they find them valid, you will be allowed to proceed with a safe drive in the park.

Are you planning to book a Self drive Uganda safari that takes you to explore the beauty of the Pearl of Africa’s safari parks? We hope the above tips will be of help to guide you to enjoy a safe drive in the breathtaking parks of Uganda this season that is associated with the inconveniences of the covid19 virus.

For more information of how to book a safe road trip in Uganda, don’t hesitate to contact our travel experts by sending an email on info@Ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us directly on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459 to speak to our reservation team.

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