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Top 5 Tourist Places To Visit In Kampala On Tour In 2021

Kampala is ranked among the fastest burgeoning cities in Africa with an annual growth rate in population of 4.03 percent. The city has many attractions, layovers & tourists activities ranging from events to grand time venues and hospice that visitors warmly explore every time they pay a visit to Uganda. The entire Kampala city sits on seven hills; Kasubi hill which harbors kasubi royal tombs, Mengo hill where the kabaks’s palace is and also has the headquarters of Buganda’s court of justice, Kibuli hill which is home to one of the most iconic and recognizable kibuli mosque, Namirembe hill the home to Namirembe Anglican cathedral, Lubaga hill which is the home to catholic cathedral and was the headquarters of the then white fathers, Nsambya hill, famously known  as the quarters for the mill hill mission, Kampala hill, this has the ruins of captain Lugard’s fort. Kampala stretches to other hills that make it look beautiful and attractive.

If you plan on experiencing the rich culture and history of Kampala city, we at Uganda car rental services recommend you visit the 5 attractions mentioned below.

Uganda National Museum;

The national museum lies 3km along Kira road from the center of Kampala city. It’s one of the oldest in fact it is the oldest in east Africa. The museum was accustomed in 1908 with miscellanies of objects from various traditional monarchs. The museum possesses items on Uganda’s yore, natural historical samples, musical instruments, archaeological and paleontological antiques.

Kasubi Tombs;

The Kasubi tombs are strategically situated on Kasubi hill 5km from the city center just along Kampala Hoima road. This site is the catacomb for kings of the Buganda kingdom. There are four antecedent kings buried in this place and they include; Muteesa 1 who ruled from 1856 to 1884, Daudi Chwa ruled from 1899 to 1939, Mutesa II from 1939 to 1966, Mwanga from 1884 to 1897. The place has a main burial tomb which is the biggest in Africa. The other abutting tombs are used as residences for the kingdom’s royal regalia. Visitors are attracted most to the reputable architectural designs of the massive tomb and other smaller hats, furthermore, there is a detailed review of the pictures, regalia and hear stories of the quondam Kings and the history of the Buganda kingdom.

Bahai temple;

The Bahai temple is located in kikaya just 7km from Kampala city on gayaza road. This is the only temple of the Bahai devotion in the whole of Africa This place of worship is of international significance and excites followers of the Bahai faith from all over the world. It as well attracts countless pilgrims and trippers to relish the astonishing picturesque view of Kampala city. The hushed surrounding environment also entices people to come for prayers and reflection.

Uganda martyrs shrine Namugongo;

The Uganda martyrs shrine Namugongo situated along Kampala- Jinja highway and is one of the most prominent shrines in Uganda and a crucial site among Christians in Africa. It is acknowledged that, at Namugongo 32 youth Christian transforms Anglicans and Catholics were martyred on rejection to malign Christianity, which was growing like bushfire in Uganda from 1870. This infuriated the king [Mwanga ii], prodding him to disposition the killing of the 32 men on 3rd June 1886.

Ndere center the home of cultures;

The habitation of Ndere troupe is a very exclusive architectural feature coupling artistic inventiveness with lucidness and taking contemporary African architecture and construction to unrivalled knoll. Traditional dances, music of all kinds and drama with in vogue arts using traditional contraptions.

Besides Uganda museum, kasubi tombs, Uganda martyrs shrine Bahai temple and Ndere center, there are other beautiful places to visit in and around Kampala, these include; Mengo palace, Rubaga and Namirembe cathedrals, Makerere the oldest university in east Africa, kibuli and Gaddafi national mosque, independence monument, Gurdwara Ramgarhia sabha, Lubiri palace, the man made Kabaka’s lake, Lugard’s fort at old Kampala and much more wonderful scenic sites. When it comes to sensible concerns like food and drink, there are variety options. Kampala city is well graced and the many roadside bazaars that sell most good range of all fruits and vegetables.

In all traits, Kampala offers an experience that is as volatile as you want it. Your experience is only curbed by your inspiration and sense of exploration. Planning to visit Kampala city on tour, the above 5 places should not miss out on your itinerary. For bookings, simply contact us now by sending an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.

By Isaac M

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