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Car rental mistakes to avoid

5 Common Uganda Car Rental Mistakes Travelers Make

For many travelers across the globe, transportation always on the list of items with a big expense. These car rental expenses can be even much higher if you make some mistakes during the booking process. Uganda Car Rental Services offers a wide range of services and in this article, our reservations experts discuss some of the 5 common car rental mistakes you should look out for.

1- Picking up the rental car at Entebbe airport

Depending on the Uganda car rental company you are booking with, you will always be charged an extra transportation fee for the transfer of the car from the city to the airport but luckily most of the companies dont include this fee. It’s much more convenient to have the car delivered to you at your hotel or residence in the city or you could just pick it up yourself from the office and save some money.

2- Ignoring the car rates structure

Make sure you always check the rate card or structure because most car rental companies in Uganda offer discount packages for long term car rental deals starting from a week and above. Also, car rates depend on fuel costs as some companies can offer you the car on full, half tank or without fuel and so its advisable you also strongly consider this before you finalize the booking.

3- Purchasing extra insurance

This is another common car rental mistake travelers make when booking a car online, you always have to make sure you ask the reservations personnel which insurance thy offer along with the rental. Most companies offer comprehensive insurance meaning damages more than US$ 400 to US$ 500 will be covered by the client but anything less that can be handled by the company. You don’t have to buy extra insurance as everything will be covered by the car rental agency.

4- Being impatient

Some travelers always assume that they can get any rental car in Uganda of their choice any day , any time which is a true car rental myth. Once you inquire and the reservations team kindly request you wait for confirmation of car availability, always do what they say unless you are in a rush. Being patient ensures you will get the car of your choice but impatience will only lead to you hopping from one agency to another which is costly as well as time-consuming.

5- Forgetting pre-inspection before driving off

 Car inspection is very essential to exercise before you even step in and start driving or being driven, make sure you check the car thoroughly inside out for any damages or dents. Body scratches, dents, dirty seats, air conditioner functionality, door & window lock functionality among other issues as you risk being charged for something you didn’t damage.

The above car rental mistakes are easily avoidable so we hope this article helps you save some money and time when renting a car in Uganda this season. To book a car service in Uganda today, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-7000135510 to speak with our reservations manager.

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