February 7, 2023

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Top 6 Common Uganda Car Rental Myths Exposed

Everyday thousands of travelers rent cars in Uganda for different purposes including safaris, business road trips, family vacations and any travel-related ventures. However first-time renters find the whole car rental process terrifying due to the various unknown and known myths.

Uganda Car Rental Services presents to you a few of the car rental myths to help you get a great deal or avoid problems and save money.

1- Renting a car is expensive – This is by far the most common car rental myth in the world. That’s not true though, the high expense comes in when you choose to go for a luxury car or book late but you can get a cheap rental car as well that suits your budget.

2- The Bigger the company, the better – It’s not always the bigger well-established companies that will give you that quality car rental service, the smaller Uganda car rental companies are also reliable and even offer cheaper rates compared to the so called big ones.

3- The newer the rental company, the better the cars – Its false to think that you will get new, better car models when you choose a new car rental company in Uganda. On the contrary , it’s the old established companies with the better cars given their connections and experience.

4 – You will get exact car you booked – Another popular myth when renting a car in Uganda is that you will get the exact car you saw in the picture online. Most car rental agencies will get you a car that looks like the one you booked and sometimes the exact car so don’t throw tantrums when you find a car in different color or year make.

5 – I can rough up the rental car since I paid for it – Some users get reckless & stupid driving recklessly and not taking care of the car during the road since they don’t own it, well you in for it if you think you can just do damages and get away with it. You will have to pay for any damage so drive it as if it’s your own.

6 – Uganda car rental companies operate 24/7 – Another very common and popular car rental myth is that most people think companies work 24 hours 7 days a week which is not true as they have fixed office hours of operation hours with the majority working from 8 am to 6pm Monday to Saturday with Sunday closed.