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Uganda Self Drive Tips To Keep You Safe On The Road

Planning to hit the road on self drive for your next trip in Uganda? Whether it is a safari tour or travel to visit friends and family, having a ride on your own on these roads is one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy your trip. However, to have a smooth trip, you need some bit of planning and also stay safe behind the wheels amidst the road trip. With these tips from Mumwe Global safaris, you are able to start and end your trip conveniently.

Make the right car choice

Do not select a car simply because of its hire rate before considering your destination. Some cars especially saloon vehicles like Premio are not suitable for destinations with rugged terrain and off-road trips. Small and saloon cars are good on paved roads while off-the-beaten-track journeys require 4X4 vehicles.

Consider the fuel type of the car

Remember to ask your service provider about the type of fuel the car that you are booking uses and tell them your preference with appropriate advice. Some cars use Petrol while others use Diesel. Cars that use petrol are a bit more expensive than Diesel cars but have the advantage of causing less interruption when driving. You can therefore choose to hire a Petrol car to be more confident of a trip with less trouble on the road.

Hire a car from a reputable company

Today, there are many car rental companies in Uganda and the competition is tight. They all advertise their services online and it may be somehow tricky for you to choose the best company that will offer you quality self drive services. Read through their reviews and know if their services are trustworthy.

Obtain a driver’s license

Driving in Uganda without a valid driver’s permit is against the law and once found, you face the penalties. A foreigner who wants to have a self drive in Uganda and other countries not theirs is required to have a valid international driver’s license or a document showing that they have been allowed to drive in the country.

Don’t drink and drive

Driving under the influence of alcohol in Uganda or any other country is a great offence. You put the lives of the people in your car and others on the road at risk. If police happen to come across you driving after drinking, your car is impounded and you are put under custody.

Uganda is a left-hand driving country

According to Uganda traffic laws, every car should drive on the left hand side of the road. You are therefore advised to keep left on Uganda roads. Driving on the right may lead to collision with traffic flowing to the opposite direction. Regardless of the location of the country you are at and the road, always drive on the left side.

Respect and follow traffic signs

Just any other country, Uganda has a number of traffic signs which every road user must obey while on the road. You will see different signages as you get to different roads and all these have to be respected to have a safe trip. Common traffic signs in Uganda include no overtaking, zebra crossing, stop, traffic lights, no parking, speed limit, domestic animals and sharp curve among others. If you are new on Uganda roads, it is important to learn these common signs for safety during the trip.

Let your up coming self drive trip be memorable with guidance of the above tips. Hire a car for self drive in Uganda with Mumwe Global safaris. Get in touch with us today through info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call the reservations via +256-700135510 / +256 414-699459.

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