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Why Choose a Safari Van for Your Next Group Trip in Uganda?

Are you a group planning a road trip safari in any of the national parks of Uganda? It is important to note that you need to hire a safari vehicle that is strong enough to manage all road conditions in the rough terrain of the park. It is important to note that, there are numerous rentals that can be customized to enjoy an exceptional tour experience. But there is a lot to consider many people planning a future group trip love to hire a safari van due to a number of unique reasons.

Here are some of the astounding reasons why you to hire a safari van in Uganda this season if you plan on traveling as a group.

Safari van for hire in Uganda

 Enough cargo space

Safari Vans do features enough cargo space where all passengers can keep their luggage safely and enjoy a comfortable road trip without any conveniences of your cargo.

Pop Up roof

All our safari vans do features a pop up roof that offers exceptional clear game viewing experience in the savannah parks of Uganda. This attribute is only found on a few safari vehicles such as; Safari Land cruisers as well as Super custom vans. Almost everyone is looking for this unique attribute when planning a rewarding safari trip in the Pearl of Africa. 


Safari Vans are hired with a driver guide at an affordable rate. We pride in offering the most affordable safari vans ranging from 120 USD to 150 USD.


Safari Vans do feature an amazing interior that have comfortable seats with enough leg room space, an air conditioning system to allow you an ultimate comfort on your safari.

Strong 4×4 safari vehicle

The safari van is blessed with a strong exterior that can manage all road conditions regardless of the weather conditions. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the rough road terrain in the park when it rains.

In case you are searching for a safari van rental for your group tour in Uganda, Feel free to contact our reservation team by sending an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510

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