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Luwombo - traditional foods Uganda

5 Top Local Cuisines In Uganda

The local cuisine is one of the things to adventure when one goes for a tour to a particular community because wherever one goes, one has to eat and the delicious or non-delicious taste of the foods eaten will surely give you a story to tell back home. Uganda is one of the countries with numerous, delicious and unique cuisines and they include the following


This is a traditional dish mainly prepared by the Baganda tribe (main occupants of the central region of Uganda) and it is best known for the nice aroma that is due to the roasted banana leaves. It is usually prepared on special occasions and persons like the groom’s entourage on traditional marriage ceremonies, the king and the royal family, on special days in some homes like on Easter or Christmas days. However, a number of hotels and restaurants in the country also prepare the ‘luwombo’ very well for their customers to enjoy. The ‘luwombo’ can consist of any kind of sauce as required by the client like ground nuts plus dry fish or mushrooms, meat with all ingredients plus soup or chicken with vegetables then carefully wrapped in smoked banana leaves like a gift then place on fire in a saucepan well covered with other banana leaves. The ‘luwombo’ is one dish you should not miss out on your trip to Uganda.


Matooke are green bananas, but not plantain that can be cooked in different forms, majorly they are peeled, wrapped in green banana leaves, left to boil then later smashed and ready to eat. This is the staple food for the Baganda tribe mainly grown in Masaka areas and western Uganda. Matooke is famously eaten with groundnuts but can also be eaten with other types of sauce like meat, beans, cowpeas, fish and many more. Alternatively, matooke can be eaten in a peeled but non smashed form usually in mixture with ground nuts.


This is another delicious cuisine in Uganda, locally known as ‘muchomo’ which is highly enjoyed by many people in Uganda majorly university students as it is a fast food and easily accessed since it is almost on all road sides of Uganda cities, though the level of cleanliness among them varies. The roasted meat available in Uganda includes beef, goat’s meat, pork and chicken so you have got to be specific while buying or ordering for roasted meat because different places prepare different types of meat.


This is another famous Ugandan food locally known as ‘akawunga’ where maize flour is mingled together with hot boiled water and this is the main food served together with beans in almost all Ugandan schools and companies with a big number of workers. You will still find posho prepared and served in many restaurants and hotels with different types of sauce like beef stew, beans, cowpeas and many more. The northern parts of Uganda prepare millet flour with hot boiled water, locally known as ‘kalo’. In the western and eastern parts, millet flour is mixed with cassava flour and mingled with hot boiled water also known as ‘kalo’ and it is served with beef stew.


This is a traditional food majorly prepared and eaten by the ‘Bagisu’ the main occupants of the eastern region of Uganda. Malewa is highly significant in Bagisu traditional ceremonies like Mbalu (male circumcision) and it is made from smoked bamboo shoots and can be eaten raw, when boiled or steamed. It can be used as sauce if cooked with peanut or simsim so once in eastern Uganda, do not miss adventuring the wonderful malewa.

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