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Frequently Asked Questions About Self Drive In Rwanda

A number of tourists visiting Rwanda prefer self drive road trips over guided tour not only because it’s a cheaper option  but also because it offers clients all the privacy, freedom and itinerary flexibility you deserve for a memorable adventure experience in the “Land Of A Thousand Hills”. Rwanda is a large safari destination blessed with 10 national parks and several other local attractions spread across the country interconnected by numerous roads hence you have to know which route to take, where to sleep among other things.

Below are frequently asked questions by first time travelers wishing to do self drive in Rwanda followed by answers to all the queries to give an insight of what to expect when they choose to drive themselves.

    #1- Why should I opt for Self Drive in Rwanda?

Choosing a self-drive trip offers you the freedom and privacy to enjoy the best of the country at your own pace and time. You get to manage your itinerary and the whole budget compared to guided trips, make stop overs at a restaurant or local attraction without being timed. It’s a cheaper option since you avoid driver/ guide costs which would stretch your budget.

   #2- What are the car hire terms and conditions?

Our car rental fleet has a number of well-maintained cars inclusive of SUVs, Saloon Cars, Station wagons, mini vans, trucks, buses and so many more to choose from. The car rental policy includes a 3rd party insurance on every car plus comprehensive insurance accompanied. The company will offer you a contract which contains all the terms and conditions you should abide by during your self drive trip in Rwanda.

  • Rental period: The price quoted or provided is for the specific number of days requested. For example if you rent a car for 8 days and return the car on the 9th rather than the 8th, you will have exceeded your rental period and will incur an extra cost for one more added day.
  • Minimum Age: the standard driving age in Rwanda is 18 years, though we recommend young drivers to have adults in instruction as well. For mini Vans and trucks it must be 24 and older recommend to drive such cars.
  • Drivers over 70: These drivers require additional documents; therefore contact the office directly for further information.
  • GPS units: GPS units are always available for hire on an extra cost of just $10 per day. If you need one please send in your inquiry, these items need to  be reserved in advance
  • Child Seats: Children seats are available for rent on extra cost of $10 per day. Kindly specify the age of the child and make sure to book in advance.
  • One way Rentals: rentals that involve collecting or returning the car to different locations are automatically charged as one way rentals. The prices vary according to the type of car and locations of drop off.
  • Extensions of Rental: clients must contact the rental company office if they need to make extensions. Extra days are just fully as well.

#3-  How do i make payments?

The company offers various payment options ranging from online bank transfers, credit card and cash payments as well

  • Can I make payment in other currencies?: we do accept dollars, Euros, Pounds and basically the Rwandan shillings.
  • How much deposit can I make? : we recommend a 30% deposit to confirm booking on every car rental, but those that wish to proceed with a 50% is so far better.
  • When do I make final payment?: Final payments are done of the the cars are handed to you. Most companies usually don’t accept payments at the end of the rental period.
  • How do I book my rental car?: to book a rental car, send in an inquiry at or call directly the office contact +256700135510, +256414699459, our reservations team I always ready to help and guide you through all booking procedure. You can chat online with the support agent through our website LiveChat app.
  • What information is required from me?: many of the rental companies require the client’s valid driving license, passport copy, and residential address during the rental period. There is an agreement provided before rental which you should ready carefully and sign after.

#4 – What Car types are available?

  • What type of car do I get?: there are very many types and models of cars available, ranging from luxury vehicles to safari cars and trucks. Please let the travel agent know your purpose of the tour so that you get the right car for yourself.
  • What car transmission do I get?: cars hired come in both manual and automatic transmissions, therefore try to ask a car you are comfortable with on the road.
  • How much fuel will I need?: depending on the engine type you have hired, whether Petrol or Diesel, fuel consumption differs greatly and type of car taken. Do let your agent know about your routing so that they can help you estimate the fuel amount you may need.
  • Is breakdown cover included in my rental? : car breakdown is excluded in the car rental policy. Most times cars may break down under poor driving or negligence. Therefore any extra cost of breakdown is met by the client. The company handles 60% of any serious issue during the car rental period.

For more Rwanda self drive tips and information , please contact us through our email at or call +256700135510, +256414699459

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