May 27, 2024

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Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary Temporary Closed Over Land Wrangles

The COVID-19 pandemic had a really huge impact on Uganda’s tourism industry mainly due to border travel restrictions as well as reduced demand because of little funds. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the most prominent NGO that aim at preserving wilderness and reduce on the impact of humans on the environment. The WWF donated US$ 20 million to the Rhino fund back in 2019 but disputes between Rhino Fund Uganda and Captain Charles Roy, the owner of the land has led to the temporary closure of Zziwa Rhino sanctuary; home of the Rhinos in Uganda.

For a whole five months, Captain Charles Roy & The Rhino fund have been at it each others throats as he demands they vacate his land which will not only affect the rhino tourism but also over 140 workers who have been employed to take care of the sanctuary.

The Rhino Fund acquired a 30-year land lease in 2002 with an aim of curbing the extinction of rhinos in Uganda and they have managed to do that given the increasing number of rhino recorded (33 in total). nSiunce the Rhino fund is stepping down, all eyes will be on the Uganda Tourism Board and government to figure out a way of either reintroducing the rhinos into the wild or putting up another sanctuary for the 33 rhinos.

Mumwe Global Safaris have been organizing trips to Zziwa Rhino Santuary for many years and it be a shame for it to be removed as it’s major attraction before you reach Murchison falls national park. The rhinos haven’t yet been tested ti see if they can adjust to new environments outside the sanctuary so lets see how this pens out .

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