July 20, 2024

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Nyirangngo Volcano Erupts Again After 19 Years

The infamous Mount Nyirangongo finally erupted again on Saturday after over nearly 2 decades in dormant mode sending lava spilling down in Goma, the closest city to Nyirangongo. The mountain, one of the top tourist attrcations in Congo has led to a migration of up to 8,000 Congolese into Rwanda seeking for refuge from one of the most devastating earth occurrences.

The last Nyiragongo eruption happened way back in 2002 and took lives of over 250 people while the 2021 eruption has taken only 11 victims as reported by CNN. Reports suggest that early this morning the Nyirangongo volcano stopped erupting and most of the refuges who hade evacuated to Rubavu are on their way back home. 600 homes in Goma have been destroyed wihile other 5 schools were destoyed as well.

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Goma reported that actually the lava wasn’t flowing towards Goma but locals didn’t want to take any chance and decided to flee to neighboring Rwanda spending the night in Rubavu. Nyirangongo volcano is on of DR Congo’s top attractions and so it’s really bad news to hear that an attrcation is doing more harm than good the people satying around it.

Our prayers go out to those who have lost their loved ones and property , Keep strong and calm.

For more details about the Nyiragongo eruption – visit CNN news

Reporting from Uganda car Rental services , Bryan Muhoozi

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