September 28, 2021

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Self Drive Terms & Conditions

The Hirer should not:
– Use or allow the Vehicle to be used to transport passengers either for hire or as a reward unless the Vehicle is hired with the Operator’s awareness.
– Give or hire the Vehicle to any other person or people.
Permit the Vehicle to be used outside his/her authority.
– Use the Vehicle or allow it to be used under circumstances that constitute an offence against any laws of Uganda and all other east African countries.
– Operate the Vehicle or permit it to be operated in any race, speed test, rally or contest of any kind.
– Use the Vehicle or allow it to be used in breach of the agreement.
– Operate the Vehicle or allow it to be operated for transportation of more passengers than the maximum specified on the contract/agreement.
– Drive or allow the Vehicle to be driven on any roads prohibited ( off tracking especially in National Parks)
– Replace or substitute any of the parts or accessories of the vehicle without the awareness and approval of the company.
– Propel or tow any vehicle on without the acknowledgement of the office.


The Hirer should ensure that:
– All necessary care is taken while driving and parking the Vehicle.
– The water in the radiator of the Vehicle and battery are maintained at a proper level;
– The oil in the Vehicle is maintained at a proper level;
– All the car tyres are maintained at their proper pressure, but in case of a flat tyre, the client has to cater for it and if it is beyond repair a new one will be fixed but at a shared cost
– The Vehicle is locked very well and in a secure place at all times while it is not in use.
– The engine parts, transmission, braking and suspension systems are NOT tempered with at all times.
– In case a warning light is illuminated or the Hirer believes the Vehicle requires any mechanical attention, he/she should stop driving and inform the Operator immediately.

The Operator should supply the Vehicle in a very safe and road worthy condition, with valid Third party insurance.


– In case the Vehicle involves in an accident, is damaged, breaks down or requires any repair regardless of cause, the Hirer must notify the Operator/company of the circumstance immediately.
– The Hirer must not arrange or undertake any repairs of the vehicle or leave the scene of accident before police inspection and the Operator’s/ Company authority.
– In case the vehicle requires repair or replacement, the operator/office must arrange it within a reasonable time frame (24Hours), BUT the operator will not repair or replace it if it was damaged while being operated in a manner which breaches the agreement.
– In case of mechanical breakdown, we provide replacement of the vehicle. We take care of the fuel charges to bring the replacement car and then you also provide the fuel to return the car that has broken down.


The car Insurance Policy covers Only the Vehicle and does not offer personal life insurance for the occupants therefore you are required to come with life insurance from your home country.

NOTE: Any damages caused by negligence for example driving while drunk, cigarette burns, punctures, wheels or trims, dents and any other minor damages are not covered by the insurance policy. The hirer/ client must get a police report and also make a police statement in case of any accident because without the above document, the hirer is to meet all the expenses. The company insurance bases on the police report to compensate the damages.


This is charged by the office depending on the vehicle type.
Saloons and small SUVs are charged USD 350 and large SUVs are charged USD 1000.
This amount is payable before the commencement of the trip and is fully refunded at the end of the trip in case there are no car damages. In case of damages, a deduction of this amount is assessed according to the level of damage and the balanced returned in case of any.

– Over speeding
– Damage to the vehicle caused under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
– Single vehicle accidents or rollover due to over speeding.
– Damage to the vehicle caused carelessness and reckless driving.
– Driving in restricted areas or roads especially in national parks.
– Use of fuel from other petrol stations as clients are supposed to only get fuel from Total and Shell petrol stations.
– Damage of the underbody as it is considered to be as a result of careless driving.

The hirer must not attempt to take the vehicle across the border without the consent of the operator because our vehicles are insured only in Uganda. The hirer must buy COMESA insurance at the border for the rental period.


Unless the vehicle has to pick or drop at or from the airport, the vehicle has to stop operating at 7:00pm and beyond the mentioned time, the hirer is responsible for whatever happens to the vehicle.
The speed limit while in National Parks is 40KM/hr. and one is supposed to drive within the tracks. Incase these rules are broken by the client, he/she I supposed to pay USD 150 to Uganda Wildlife Authority.
Animals in the National Park have full Rights of way and the clients must be 100Metres Away from them especially the Fierce ones like Elephants. The operator will not be liable to the damages caused to the car

Vehicles are officially delivered on a “¼ to ¼ “basis and there will be no credit given for the unused fuel at the end of the rental program.

At the end of the car rental program, the Hirer must deliver the Vehicle to the place of business of the Operator or obtain the Operator’s consent to the continuation of the hire (the Hirer must pay additional hire charges for the extended term of hire).

The hirer must comply with the terms and conditions of the car rental policyfor successful and safe self drive road trip in Uganda.

For further information about the terms and conditions, Contact Phionah at +256-700135510 or send in your inquiry to